Bonheur West offers a limited warranty against manufacturer's defects that's good for one year from the original date of purchase. This warranty becomes void once the timepiece is sold on the secondary market. If you have any questions about what the warranty covers or how to exercise the warranty please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or email customerservice@bonheurwest.com

Brand Selection

The goal of Bonheur West is to unite customers with exceptional timepieces that are truly special. Accomplishing this goal is what has driven Bonheur West to become the leader in watch distribution in the United States. The customer experience always has been and always will be the motivation behind every decision made by Bonheur West.

By working hand-in-hand with each company and brand they distribute, Bonheur West ensures an unmatched standard in excellence. Today, Bonheur West continues in their quest to bring superior timepieces to everyone across America.

About Our Company

Licensed Watch Repair

Bonheur West does have a certified and licensed watch repairman on site for all warranty repairs. All watch repair is done right in house and is never outsourced to undisclosed parties. At this time, watches are not being accepted for repair or service that are unaffiliated with the warranty process.

Repair and Warranty

The leading distributor of fine luxury watches throughout the United States.

The Leader in Watch Distribution

Quality You Can Trust

Bonheur West carefully selects each brand which they align themselves with and holds these companies to the highest standards. Only brands that provide elite quality timepieces are allowed to be a part of the Bonheur West family.